MPD: Man Defends Himself with Own Gun

One person was shot and killed at Twin Oaks Apartments in Mobile Monday night.


Mobile police have identified the robbery suspect as 18-year-old Michael Clark but, they won’t be releasing the name of the man who shot him.Still0119_00001

MPD Spokesperson Terence Perkins explained, “We don’t identify the victim in any particular crime. Although the subject is deceased, he’s not the victim of this crime. The actual victim is the person who was robbed.”

When News 5 returned to the scene a day after the shooting, neighbors recalled Monday’s terrifying events.

Still0119_00002” I heard  around 5 gunshots and people yelling ‘somebody got shot.’ Then, the ambulance and the cops showed up,” resident Eric Mays recalled. “I think everybody’s on edge. When you see that happen and you hear about it and it’s in your backyard, it makes you kind of scared.”

Adrian Moorer also lives in the complex and said he saw the shooter from his balcony. “We were watching Monday Night Raw and we heard about 3 or 4 shots go off in the area. We look out the window and the next thing we see is the shooter walking over there with his gun out. I had to stop my girlfriend who was on her way over to see what was going on. I advised her to get down and stay down. We didn’t know what was going on. Come to find out, the guy was trying to rob him.”

Moorer said he’s considering protection of his own.
“It really makes me think twice about being safe and stuff. I think I might have to go out and buy a gun now,” Moorer said.

The case will go to a Grand Jury to determine whether or not the shooting is justified.Still0119_00003

“The investigators can certainly make their own conclusions, but I have not made a conclusion as the District Attorney because, in this situation, it’s prudent for this to go before a Grand Jury of 18 members of our community to look at all the circumstances and make a decision. That’s what a Grand Jury does,” District Attorney Ashley Rich said.



Mobile Police say a robbery suspect was shot and killed at Twin Oaks Apartments on Old Shell Road Monday night. According to MPD Spokesperson Charlette Solis, a man was unloading groceries from his car around 8 pm, when a man with a gun walked up to him. The victim says the man took his wallet. It was then the victim managed to grab his own pistol, in a jacket pocket. The victim shot the gun, while still in his pocket, and hit the suspect in the chest. The suspect ran across the parking lot.

Still0119_00000Police found the suspect’s body in the breezeway of one of the apartment buildings. Police say the victim’s wallet was in the man’s left hand and a revolver was on the ground near him. The suspect was shot once in the center of his chest and once on the right side of his chest. Investigators say the suspect had no identification and so far, they’ve been unable to confirm his identity.

Police say the homicide was justifiable. The case will be presented to a grand jury.



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