What’s Working: Rescuing Horses that are “Walking Skeletons”

You’ve heard of many organizations that rescue dogs and cats. A woman in Mobile County has started a rescue organization dedicated to rescuing neglected horses. It’s called Dream Acres Equine Sanctuary. Arianna Morgan started the organization three years ago and has rescued 60 horses just this year alone. Some of the horses come from abuse and neglect cases in Mobile County. Others are pulled from kill lots across the country. Kill lots are where unwanted horses are taken. It’s their last stop on the way to Mexico, where they will be slaughtered for their meat. She says, “Their mental condition is just as awful. They are absolutely terrified. When going on the kill lots, it’s terrifying for the horses.”

Morgan has several volunteers who help rehabilitate the horses. Many of the horses live on Susan Wood’s farm on March Road. Wood spends hours every day, feeding and caring for the horses. “Some of the equines that come in, they are hundreds of pounds underweight. It’s absolutely heartbreaking to see them.” Volunteers nurse many of the horses back to health, to get them ready to be adopted.

Dream Acres Equine Sanctuary is always looking for volunteers. If you are interested, call Arianna Morgan at (888) 452-1505. Also, if you have a heart for horses, and would like to donate grain, hay, or other supplies, contact Craig at West Mobile Feed at (251) 633-7607.    If you are interested in adopting a horse or making a donation, contact Dream Acres Equine Sanctuary.

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