Student Body Slams Cop Car

student body slams cop car pic

Police were responding to a fight at Baker High earlier this week when one student thought he’d have some fun with an unattended cop car.

“It probably was a joke. As you can see on the video, it looked like he was talking to someone and they kind of baited him into doing it. So it was a prank gone too far,” says Officer Terence Perkins with the Mobile Police Department.

You can see in the video as he walks by a few other patrol cars, the student jumps and throws all his weight, body slamming the car—leaving quite the dent.

“We took the car to the body shop and it’s going to be roughly $1900 worth of damage,” says Perkins.

Here’s a car similar to the one that was damaged. This is a Chevy Caprice, they’re fairly new. The reason why it’s going to cost $1900 to replace the hood is because apparently these cars do not come in this exact color which means the police department will have to have it custom painted.

Police posted the video online. It’s been viewed over 150,000 times, and the tips have been rolling in. police say the next time the student sees that car, he’ll be riding in the backseat.

“This kid will actually be charged with criminal mischief in the second degree,” says Perkins.

The student will be responsible for that $1,900. Police can’t release his name because he is a juvenile.

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