Baldwin Repair Projects Remain While Gov. Mansion Rebuilt

Alabama Point, Orange Beach, AL
Since 2011 Alabama Point has been fenced off to the public because of safety concerns.

Ripping out the old and making it like new again. Work on the Governor’s mansion at the beach has a lot of folks scratching their heads.

pier 5

“It aggravates the hell out of me.” Steve Williams lives in the same neighborhood. “It’s a terrible use of money.” He would have liked to have seen the “leftover” money from a BP grant used for something everybody could use, like the fishing pier at the end of the peninsula.

pier 1 pier 3

Deemed unsafe, it was closed to the public almost a year and a half ago. The price tag to repair it is 250 thousand dollars. Replacing it would cost around a million.

pier 2

“So, all of a sudden he’s going to spend two million dollars to fix a very old mansion but he won’t spend 200 thousand to fix a fishing pier, that’s crazy,” says Williams.

What may be in even worse condition, Alabama Point. “The last time I was here there was people wall-to-wall,” says Ken Freeze from Tennessee.

ala point 2 ala point 3

Fenced off and crumbling into Perdido Pass since 2011. The state-owned property continues to be an eyesore and a safety hazard. “So many people used it before,” says Freeze. “They didn’t have a boat, they could fish right off.. and it’s not going to be fixed?”

A question even asked Senator Richard Shelby at a recent town hall meeting. “I’d like to see that seawall repaired,” Allen McElroy told the senator. “We need that at Alabama Point.” “I’d say call the governor and get him down there,” Shelby responded. “It’s unsightly.”

Money that could have been used has already been spent, leaving many wondering if there is a cash flow problem in Alabama or a priority problem.

The Governor’s mansion had been rotting away since hurricane Danny in 1997. Originally built in the 60’s on land donated to the state, it is supposed to be used to help recruit industry to Alabama.

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