Steve Nodine Back in Baldwin County Jail

Steve Nodine
The former Mobile Co. commissioner pleaded guilty to violating probation.

When Steve Nodine arrived at the Baldwin County courthouse, he knew he wouldn’t be going home. Nodine was arrested just before Christmas for leaving the state without permission and failing a drug test.

“It’s probation versus Steve Nodine,” says the former county commissioner, “and I think through this whole thing we know who is going to win on that deal.”

In a hearing that lasted less than ten minutes, Nodine pleaded guilty, his probation was revoked and he was sentenced to 60 days behind bars.

“This will give another wake-up call to Mr. Nodine that he must comply with the law,” says special prosecutor David Whetstone.

In a conversation before the hearing, Nodine denies leaving the state without permission. “I have to report to two probations, both federal and state and the federal people knew obviously where I was and that was confirmed by the federal probation officer.” As for the drug screening; he tested positive for marijuana which he told his probation officer came from some Halloween brownies. “I’ve passed every drug test the federal government has given me for the last six years,” says Nodine, “It’s just an unfortunate incident. I had no knowledge of it.”

When Nodine gets out of jail in a couple of months Whetstone says there will be new restrictions on where he can and cannot go. “What he has done is fallen back into the same beach mentality he had originally. So, we’re trying to change his haunts.” Which will include restricting which bars and restaurants he can visit.

For now, he returns to a familiar place. “Right is right, wrong is wrong and regardless of any excuse I have, it’s my responsibility to make sure things like this don’t happen.”

Nodine is on probation for charges connected to the death of Angel Downs in May 2010. Originally charged with her murder, Nodine pleaded guilty to domestic violence harassment and perjury. He spent two years in the Baldwin County Jail and was released on probation in 2014.

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