House Party Grandma Takes Plea Deal

The woman accused of hosting a wild house party where a teenage girl was allegedly raped last year will avoid jail time as part of a plea deal.

Cathy Roberts appeared in court Tuesday afternoon.

Police said she knowingly let minors drink at her home at a party for her grandson. She was charged with hosting an open party.

It’s where prosecutors say Cameron Harrison, a Spanish Fort football player, allegedly raped a despondent classmate.

Roberts’ attorney said she didn’t know the teens brought alcohol to her home, but still pled guilty so the case would come to a quick resolution

“She didn’t want her grandson or any of these other kids to have to testify in court,” said Paul Cater, Roberts’ attorney. “But she did not serve alcohol but we learned at the preliminary hearing a lot of these teenagers brought alcohol in with them.”

As part of the deal, Roberts will be on probation for six months and pay a $250 fine.

“It’s a sad situation for all parties involved. I trusted teenagers, that’s my problem,” said Roberts.

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