Alabamians Cross State Lines for Chance at Powerball Jackpot

Powerball Mania
History making jackpot in Powerball lottery.

Here we go again. Florida lottery machines are spitting out Powerball tickets as fast as they can.

With a jackpot at one and a half billion dollars, folks are lining up to buy them and a lot of those folks don’t live here.

“We need a lottery in Alabama,” says Ronald Hunt from Mobile.

High profile jackpots seem to always leave folks in Alabama wondering why?

“We got some stupid people in our government really we do because if they had a common sense in their head they could be making money for Alabama,” says Linda Morris from Foley, “but that’s okay. I’ll bring my money to Florida.”

Joanne Adams agrees, “I feel we would help the schools in Alabama rather than bringing it to Florida or Louisiana.”

“I don’t understand why,” asks Karen Carter who drove two hours from Citronelle to buy tickets. “Everybody catch the bus, two or three buses go every day to Biloxi. They are going to gamble anyway.”

A history making jackpot has sparked the debate again and folks around here will tell you all you have to do is look at the Powerball jackpot to find one and half billion reasons to bring a lottery to Alabama.

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