A Close Call on a Mobile Highway for a News 5 Staffer

This was one of the scariest things I’ve ever experienced.  I was driving home from the Cotton Bowl Friday.  I was 9 and ½ hours into this drive with only 30 minutes to go when this happened.  Someone was driving the wrong way on I-165 Southbound and nearly hit my car head-on.  The moment, along with my humiliating fear-scream, was captured on my dash cam.  

I laid on the horn and let out a few expletives (which I did not post as part of the video) and swiftly called 911.  I called 911 through the iPhone operating system Siri.  I learned if you use her to call emergency services, she will hesitate, ask if you really want to call emergency services and do a five-second countdown.  

I don’t believe this driver got into a major accident, at least, none we are aware of.  This was almost a disaster for both of us, but now I can laugh about my fear-scream.  At the time of this posting the video had more than 200 shares on Facebook and more than 15,000 views.

I also posted the original video from Facebook and a version I uploaded to Youtube.  Please keep in mind I’ve looped the video three times in the posts below.


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