Shelby Opens Re-Election Campaign with Big Spending

Five-term US Senator Richard Shelby has begun his 2016 reelection campaign. Over the past week, you may have seen one of his ads on TV/

The ad is titled ’67’ to promote that Shelby visits all sixty-seven counties in Alabama every year. The ad highlights the personal contact he makes with his constituents.

His campaign has reserved six million dollars for ad space and multiple ads aired during the Cotton Bowl last night.

Shelby is running for re-election against four other candidates.

“He spent 6 million dollars on TV to run against a guy who has never been in politics before. He is so worried about this race,” said challenger Johnathan McConnell.

“So I am not necessarily concerned about any of the other candidates or incumbents, what their campaigns look like or what types of money they have. I’m focused on what my campaign is, what resources I have,” said Marcus Bowman.

Shelby was elected in 1986.

The Republican primary election is on March 1.

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