New Years Celebrations Around The World

A million people packed into Times square to watch the nearly 12-thousand pound Waterford crystal ball drop, a display people come from all over the world to New York to see. In the wake of recent terrorist attacks, 6-thousand police officers patrolled Times Square, including New York City’s Police Commissioner.

Rio De Janeiro kicked off its Olympic Year with a fiesta on Copacabana Beach.RIO NYE

Istanbul welcomed in the new year with a colorful fireworks display.

Dubai went ahead with its New Year’s Eve celebration despite a massive fire at a luxury hotel which led to multiple minor injuries.DUBAI NYE

In Scotland, fireworks lit up the skies over Edinburgh.ISTANBUL NYE

Tens of thousands of revellers were on hand to witness the pyrotechnic extravaganza over Edinburgh Castle.

London ushered in the new year with an impressive display of fireworks over its iconic Big Ben Clock Tower and The London Eye.

Paris cancelled its usual fireworks display and instead displayed a 5 minute video performance just before midnight. The French are still recovering from the deadly November terror attacks.

Pakistanis celebrated the new year in Karachi with many expressing their hopes for a more peaceful year ahead. Crowds gathered in Karachi’s Port Grand Area to watch a fireworks display and concert marking the start of 2016.DUBAI NYE2

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