A Few Scary Moments New Year’s Eve

NYE fireworks pic

Folks along the gulf coast toasted in 2016 with a pelican and moon pie. Here in Mobile, we kicked things off with a second line and the Excelsior Band! But it wasn’t all fun and celebration. Close to 1:00 a.m. folks heard a loud pop and crews responded to a man shot in the leg. We’re not sure if it was an accidental shooting or not, but we do know the injury was not life threatening.

Farther east, we saw over 12,000 people in downtown Pensacola as they watched a bright pelican count down the final seconds to the New Year. Later in the evening, we did hear of a man being tackled by police because he was carrying a large knife in his hand—we also saw a man being carried away on a stretcher shortly after midnight. He seemed to be alert and conscious.

A night filled with music, fun and celebration ended peacefully for most in the crowd and we hope next year is just as fun.

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