Top 5 Weather Events of 2015 in News 5 Area

Flooding on April 12 2015

You probably recall our mid December warmth, and late December rains but how many of the other big weather events of 2015 are in your memory? We all remember the ones that directly impacted our neighborhood but here are the top 5 widespread weather events of 2015 in the News 5 area, in the order that they happened.

Number 1. Record rain and flooding on April 12th , a Sunday night. Over 7” of rain at Mobile’s airport in one day and more than that fell in south Mobile County. Rising water was more than inconvenient. “We’re new to the area and we lost everything.” Streets were closed. Numerous roads were washed out.

Number 2. Just two weeks later, on Saturday, April 25th, a powerful squall line impacts the entire News 5 area from Mississippi into Florida with trees blown down. “It was like a big gust of wind that took the tree down onto the pole”. That was in the Delmar neighborhood. Severe thunderstorms strengthened over Mobile Bay and became deadly for sailing crews in the Dauphin Island Regatta. Winds around the Bay gusted to over 70mph.

Number 3. July 17. That Friday brought severe weather to Mobile County. Trees and powerlines went down. A wind gust of 75 mph was measured at Brookley Field. It was simply a mess.

Number 4. Sunday, September 27th. We had a flash flood emergency with record rain over 7”. The malls area was hit hard with some people needing rescue from the flooding. Over two dozen people at Yester Oaks apartments woke up to water. “Waterline would be about this point, about inches high.” Over two days, rainfall was over 10” in the Springhill community of Mobile. But it was from 10 to 15 inches over the coast of the Florida Panhandle.

Number 5. After a quiet hurricane season for us, on October 25th remnants of Patricia came from the Pacific to combine with a low in the Gulf. At Pensacola beach it looked like a tropical storm. Gulf State Park Pier had panels pop from extreme waves, but that’s a part of the design. Water was up on the causeway, the coast and in some of the rivers. On Dog River, displaced ants went into survival mode. Wind gusts were over 55 mph, with this tree blown onto a home in Montrose. There were lots of other weather extremes but these were the ones with the widest impact.

Alan Sealls, News 5

On a more colorful note, here are the top weather photos people shared with WKRG for 2015.

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