Florida Storms Have Camera’s Rolling

Molino, FL
Storm clouds roll through Escambia County, Florida.

“There’s the tornado y’all, right out there in front of Mama and Daddy’s house.” Wendell Wooten woke up to the sound of a weather alert on his cell phone. “We were all pretty scared so we started jumping up and grabbing our clothes on.”

A look out of the front door of his parents Molino home and he couldn’t believe what he saw. “We got the tornado on camera,” he is heard yelling on the video. “I got the tornado on camera.”

But he wasn’t the only one. “Drive, get on the gas and go.” Craig Adams near Chumuckla, Florida in Santa Rosa County, saw the same thing. “It’s coming this way. Now, go!”

Heavy rain and strong winds blew through the area during the morning hours causing some anxious moments and more than a few prayers.

The storm passed between Gonzalez and Cantonment. If the funnel ever touched down it was never confirmed by sight, only a strong radar image. But, don’t tell that to Wooten. He believes he just saw his first tornado.

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