After Christmas Returns a Tradition

It’s not a madhouse at Field and Stream, but it is a steady stream of people looking to return things.

“Actually, it’s an exchange we’re exchanging this shirt, from medium to a large,” said Darryl Frost standing in line at Field and Stream in Mobile. With some stores offering additional sales, waiting at customer service isn’t the only thing to do–returns are in the bag.

“It was oversized, and nothing terribly wrong it’s just that it was very large we exchanged it for something smaller but the quality was much better,” said Ruthie Finamore from Irvington. She was returning a bag that wasn’t quite right for her. That return took a little longer than most–because she didn’t have a receipt.

“They just served us perfectly and did all the work they needed to make it happen,” said Finamore referencing the people at the customer service desk. While not in this case—according to a recent CBS news story some stores have made it harder to do returns without a receipt because of fraud fears. Whether it didn’t fit you didn’t need it or didn’t want it there were a lot of different reasons for heading to the store today.

“Just some clothes that were the wrong thing my parents got for me, just exchange them for something else, something I got a little better,” said Jason as he finished returning clothes. Most of the exchanges and returns were short for shoppers today–many of the people I talked with just had a single item to swap.

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