What’s Working: “Santa Claus” Puts Hats on Bronze Statues

If you’ve drive through the grounds of USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital this time of year, you will notice all the beautiful bronze statues are wearing Santa hats. There’s one man who puts the hats on over 80 statues, and works hard to make them stay put. Michael Owen wires the hats on the statues. He even has some hats custom-made for certain ones. He says it wasn’t his idea to put the hats on the statues, but he is happy to continue the tradition. “It gives me time to reflect on what we are doing here, and why we are doing it. It gives the children and their families a break from what’s going on at the hospital.”


Turn off Spring Hill Avenue, and check out the Santa hats in Gerri Moulton Park.  The statues are definitely in the holiday spirit!

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