Scrooge Steals ATM in West Mobile

Just two days ago an ATM was stolen in George County; police are still working on that case.  But last Friday a similar incident happened in West Mobile.

It’s unclear if the two are related, but the owner of the Mobile convenience store is offering $1,000 for any information in finding the culprit.

It happened around early Saturday morning. Someone broke into the convenient store near Airport and Newman Road.

“When I came in on Saturday morning, the door was open, the ATM was missing, the bar was in here, and I didn’t come in the door,” said Diane Clark, store clerk.

Diane Clark thinks it happened between 12 and 2 am when the store was closed.

“They went into the office and stole money out of the cash drawers for our open money.”

Clark says next; a knife case was broken, and all the contents were taken. And after that is when the suspected thief went after the ATM.

“Well, it was bolted to the floor, right there where all the floor is all messed up.”

Whoever committed the crime apparently took some time to cut the bolts.  And that’s why the store’s owner hopes someone saw something.

“All I know is I hope they catch em’ because you know we work hard for our money, even the owner works hard for his money, you know there’s no reason for that.”

The store has surveillance video, but they’re still in the process of recovering it and, sharing it with police.  For now the store’s owner hopes will help find whoever did this, and put that person behind bars.

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