Mobile City Council Bans the Bird

Emotional testimony and pleas weren’t enough to sway enough members of the Mobile City Council.  The council voted 5-2 in favor of bringing back a ban on roosters.  Council President Gina Gregory and Councilman John Williams were the two voting no.  Coop owners were not happy with the decision and felt it was overkill.

I think it’s very silly and stupid because you’re taking away one more of my God given rights it might seem small and minuscule, but it’s another right being taking away,” said Cathy Odom.  Members of the city council felt a different way.  Fred Richardson was emphatic this morning about restoring a rooster ban.

“We’re not in Conecuh County, where they have roosters, this is a metropolis this is the city of Mobile,” said Richardson.  Owners of now outlaw roosters have few options.  Some have relocated their birds outside the city limits.  Others may have to dispatch their birds, which is a polite term for killing them.  Patrick O’Rourke showed me around the chicken coop he built from the ground up.  Even though you don’t need a rooster for farm fresh eggs, he said they help manage your birds.

“Roosters are good for the flock because they will keep predators away and they will alert you to strangers as you can hear in the background,” said O’Roarke.  He said he hopes to find a new home for his roosters soon.  

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