New Hope in Finding Tiffany Daniels

Tiffany Daniels
A new clue in the disappearance of the Pensacola woman.

New information and new hope for a family searching for their missing daughter, we’re encouraged by it if nothing else,” says Rodney Daniels, “It can possibly disprove something and lead in another direction.”

Tiffany Daniels has been missing for more than two years. Her 1999, grey, Toyota 4Runner was spotted in a parking lot near the gate to Fort Pickens eight days after she was last seen.
Now a new clue from someone else leaving Fort Pickens two years ago.

“The citizen noticed the vehicle because it was parked in an area that was roped off for wildlife,” says family spokesman Brad Dennis with KlassKids. “Not only was it parked there but it was parked on the inbound lane, facing outbound. That was extremely odd to this person. The tailgate of the vehicle was up and at the time there was a caucasian male in the age range of 30 to 40, wearing only red shorts, standing behind the vehicle.”

Initially, a door-to-door canvas of the area turned up two vacationers reporting a similar description. “Someone saw a man inside her vehicle coming out of that vehicle which is somewhat of a major clue.”

A sighting inside the gate of Fort Pickens has led to at least one new search and more are planned. In the meantime, new leads are also raising more questions.

“Was someone else in Tiffany’s car?” asks Rodney Daniels. “Did Tiffany drive her car out to the beach and park and leave it there and it was found eight days later or was she actually driving it or someone else driving it? We’re hoping this will lead us to those answers.”

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