Red Kettles Stolen in Pensacola

2 red kettles stolen in Pensacola.
2 red kettles stolen in Pensacola.

PENSACOLA-This is a true story about a Grinch who stole Christmas. Around 5 p.m. on Saturday (Dec. 12), a man tried to pick up a Salvation Army kettle
filled with money near the entrance to Cordova Mall. The man told a volunteer he was collecting the kettle on behalf of the Salvation Army, but when the volunteer asked for identification, the man left and didn’t return.
But the suspect wasn’t done. Around 5:20 p.m. Saturday he went to Sam’s Club, 1250 Airport Blvd., and collected two
kettles from volunteers. The suspect, who was wearing a red apron similar to one worn by Salvation Army volunteers, said he was early because the Army’s van had broken down.

According to Officer Amanda Woods, the suspect even joined in singing along with the volunteers in an effort to not raise their suspicions.
The suspect was described as a black male wearing a red apron. He was about 5 feet 8 and medium size in build.
The two kettles contained an undisclosed amount of cash. Anyone having information on the incident is asked to contact the Pensacola Police
Department at 435 – 1900 or Crime Stoppers at 433 – STOP.

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