Gas Tax Increase Proposed to Fund Alabama’s Infrastructure

Transportation advocates want to increase the tax on gasoline. They say that inflation and more fuel-efficient vehicles on the road mean the current state tax only goes half as far as it used to.

Mobile County Engineer, Joe Ruffer, says, “When the infrastructure system, when the highway system of this state starts really collapsing- and it’s on the verge of doing that- once it starts it’s going to cost a lot more to fix it.”

State Senator Rusty Glover agrees that road maintenance is needed. However, he says the funds for that are being diverted elsewhere, “There’s a lot of money being diverted from the state road and bridge fund to the courts and I think if the money goes to the roads as they should, I think we wouldn’t have as much of a problem and I think we wouldn’t be talking about taxes.”

The Association of County Commissions of Alabama says they support the tax increase. If you go to you will see their website highlighting infrastructure flaws in the state.

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