Local Muslims Talk Religion, Profiling

Every Friday hundreds of Muslims come to the Mosque on East Drive in Mobile for service and prayer.

The conversation there is still focusing on California and the loss of 14 lives by Islamic extremists.

“As for the so-called Muslim perpetrators I ask Allah will deal them the most severe punishment for what they did Not only to themselves and the victims but the entire Muslim community,” said Shafik Hammami, president of the Islamic Society of Mobile.

In way Muslims are having to wage a public relations battle, trying to convince people that Islam is not terrorism.
“It’s less than 1 percent and it’s a very, very minority who is basically committing crimes in the name of Islam and, as a result, whole Islam is being blamed for that,” said Dr. Ghulam Mustafa Awan

But the members say things get concerning when they listen to some of the national dialogue.

“Of course, I feel it. When somebody like Donald trump steps out and says we need to mark Muslims and make them where badges like we are back in the holocaust days and then he actually has people voting for him,” said,” said Shadi Odeh…

“I don’t blame America of being fearful of what’s going on in the world it’s something to be concerned about, but I only ask people to go a little deeper than just listening to rhetoric and hateful mongering,” said Hammami.

However, recently the Mobile Mosque was placed on an online list labeling it one of the most radical Mosques in the country. Hammami calls the report baseless.

“we do not feel that our mosque is anywhere close to radical,” said Hammami.

But there was the situation with Hammami’s own son Omar.

Born in Daphne but eventually radicalized. He was placed on the FBI most wanted list, until his death in 2013.

Hammami condemns his son’s actions and says it has nothing to do with the mosque.

“This is a false narrative because you cannot blame any organization or especially a religious organization for a bad apple in their midst,” said Hammami.

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