Former Mobile Co. Commissioner Steve Nodine Back in Jail

Former Mobile County Commissioner Stephen Nodine is back behind bars.

Just days after telling News-5 he plans to run for Congress, Nodine was brought to Mobile Metro Jail Friday by his probation officer for violating terms of his parole.

Nodine’s Order of Probation lists various restrictions – mostly standard items like checking in with his probation officer, paying his court fines, and not using illegal drugs. The Alabama State Board of Pardons and Paroles has not indicated what part of his probation Nodine might have violated.

Nodine has been living in Chickasaw for the last several months and so was taken to jail in Mobile County. Next, however, he will be returned to the county where he was prosecuted and placed on probation.

He will appear before a Baldwin County judge, likely sometime next week.

Nodine’s mistress Angel Downs was found shot to death in Gulf Shores in 2010. Nodine was charged with murder.  After a mistrial, he pleaded guilty to harassment and perjury to avoid a re-trial. He served two years in the Baldwin County jail. He was released in October of last year, but his probation runs through October, 2017.

While serving time in Baldwin County, Nodine was on work-release for several months. That privilege was revoked, however, when he was seen several times around the county outside of working hours.

Nodine also served a year in federal prison after pleading guilty to being an illegal drug user in possession of a firearm. Nodine’s three year federal probation expired earlier this year.

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