Elfapalooza Returns for 2nd Year, Sets New Record

Hundreds of people were Elfin’ it up in Downtown Mobile Friday night.  They all packed into Bienville Square to take part in Elfapalooza.  The goal of the event was to break a world record of most elves in one place at one time.

For participants to be counted, they had to come wearing red, green clothing, sport an elf hat, and have on pointed ears.

Unfortunately this year, Mobile only broke it’s old record of 1200 elves, with a new high of 1440.  That’s a new American record.  Bangkok, Thailand is the world record holder, with 1,700 elf participants in 2014.

But, this was only the event’s second year, so it’s still catching on.  Mayor Sandy Stimpson says it’s more than just getting into the Guiness Book of World Records…  The event itself part of a list of events that helps showcase what sets Mobile apart from other cities.

“One of the things we say is that we want Mobillians to fall back in love with Mobile and to be proud of their city.  Because they will be the best sales people that we have as they travel around and talk to their friends and family outside of Mobile, they’re our best spokespeople.  And if they love Mobile, they say there’s things to do in Mobile that just helps to change the image of the city.  But it also creates  the perception that maybe Mobile is where I want to go.”

The event is expected to return next year.

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