“Coding” Now a Big Part of Your Child’s Education

F861C0EB7CB44934B727B20ADCC495F7At first glance upon walking into the computer lab at Robert E. Lee Elementary School in Satsuma, you might think the students there are goofing off, playing video games.

From our vantage point, they are.

However, according to sixth grader Dustin Blake, technically they aren’t.

“This here is coding, and creating your own video game,” Blake says, correcting us all.

Blake and his friend Gavin Giles are two young “coders” among many more at the sixth grade level of the school. They’re learning computer programming every day in the computer lab, building a version of the popular mobile game “Flappy Bird.”

“I think this is pretty cool, it’s my favorite,” Giles says.

News 5 visited the school on Wednesday for an “Hour of Code,” a global event put together to encourage “coding” — or computer programming — within classrooms around the world.

CCFD12B5955A405CA16310A888B584FEAt Robert E. Lee Elementary, computer science is taught regularly, but on Wednesday, the sixth-grade class received some tutelage from more experienced coders from Satsuma High School, like Ben Holman.

“From apps, to video games, to websites,” says Holman. “They’re all different kids of things you can do with coding.”

As we showed you earlier this year in a technology tour of Mobile County Public Schools, computer science is being taught to younger ages every year, including to 7 and 8-year-olds.

“It’s not just about writing the lines of code themselves,” says Satsuma Technology Coordinator Jana Hoggle. “It’s the thinking processes and the logic in the lines of coding that’s equally important.”

Now important enough to be taught at younger ages ever year, including here in southern Alabama.


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