Student Run Medical Clinic Needs Supplies

A student-run clinic for homeless people has grown so fast, that they are almost out of supplies. The clinic was set up last year by USA medical students at 15 Place homeless shelter. Since then, pharmacy, nursing, and occupational therapy students have joined them to help take care of homeless patients. The clinic has grown so quickly, that the students are short on supplies. They are asking the community to help donate things like small first aid supplies. Pharmacy student, Josh Francis, says, “There is so much we could do, so much we need to maximize what we are doing here.”

News 5 was there as Francis and fellow Auburn University student, Christian Moore, were treating homeless man, Matthew Richardson. Richardson says he has relied on the weekend clinic for his dangerously high blood pressure. “If it wasn’t for the clinic, I would have died.” he says.

The clinic is badly in need of first aid supplies like bandages, creams, blood sugar test strips, and gauze. They also need small things like shampoo, hand sanitizer, and hand soap. Perhaps their biggest need is for an exam table. They only have one, and there are three patient rooms. Moore says it doesn’t have to be new. “It can be used, new, or refurbished…anything could help out, as long as it’s a comfortable.. It doesn’t have to be new.”

The students say they are gaining valuable medical knowledge, while the homeless population is getting their health care needs met.

For a complete list of the items the students are hoping the public will donate, click here

You can find them on Facebook, too.

You can also contact Josh Francis by email at if you would like to donate supplies.



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