Repeat Offender Tazed on South Alabama Campus

He’s only 18 years old, but already Kurtys Ware is what you could call a ‘career criminal’ for racking up multiple charges of breaking into cars around town.

kurtys wareOfficers arrested Ware early Tuesday morning after he led them on a foot chase from the Edge Apartments, across Old Shell Road, and over a fence surrounding the South Alabama Baseball Field. Two officers followed suit and used a X26 Taser to subdue Ware so they could arrest him.

Ware faces charges of vehicle burglaries, failure to obey police, resisting arrest, and attempting to elude police.

During an interview afterward, authorities said Ware admitted to multiple vehicle burglaries at the Edge Apartments, Campus Quarters, and Robin Woods Apartments.Still1208_00001

He was arrested just two months ago on similar charges. In October, Ware was caught on security camera and charged with breaking into more than 20 cars around the Princeton Woods Subdivision.

Since Ware is now a repeat offender, a fairly new regulation forces him to stay in jail until his first court appearance since he committed an additional felony while out on bond.

Mobile Police Spokesperson Officer Terence Perkins said the regulation was instated last October and since then they’ve seen a decrease in repeat offenses.
Perkins said before the new rule, he heard of officers arresting a suspect at the beginning of their 12 hours shift and before they went home for the night, they were arresting the same person again.

“Due to the new partnership that’s been formed with the Mobile Police Department, the District Attorney’s office, and the Judges, we are seeing less repeat offenders,” Perkins said.”That’s making our officers happier and more proud to know that their work is being taken very seriously and we’re getting more repeat offenders off the street.”

WKRG called the District Attorney’s office and was told they would be filing a motion with the judge to have Ware’s October bond revoked, so he would be forced to stay in jail until his trial. A spokesperson for the DA said this is standard procedure when dealing with repeat offenders.

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