Nodine Contemplates Run for Congress

Is there a political comeback for former Mobile County Commissioner Steve Nodine? Despite being a convicted felon, Nodine says he’s contemplating a run for Congress.

“I still have a burning desire to serve both the people of Mobile and Baldwin Counties and Lower Alabama,” said Nodine.

His felony conviction keeps him from running for state office, but not federal office. To run for Congress, a person needs to be 25 years old, a U.S. citizen for seven years, and live in the state he or she is running in.Therefore, Nodine can run for Congress. But not as a Republican. The Alabama Republican Party won’t put him on the ballot.

“The Republican Party does not believe in second chances, I guess,” said Nodine. “They chose not to entertain whatsoever my attempt to be a nominee.”

So, Nodine is contemplating a run next fall as an independent against the winner of the Bradley Byrne – Dean Young Republican Primary. Byrne beat Young by 3,500 votes in a 2013 special election Republican primary.

Nodine says he appreciates the job Byrne has done in office, and thinks the Tea Party backed Young would be a less formidable opponent.

“If Dean Young is the nominee, people will take even a better look at my candidacy,” said Nodine.

And in a head-on Nodine vs. Young race, with no Democrat running, Nodine says he would get the vast majority of Democrat votes.

Nodine also thinks he could get a boost from Donald Trump – who he sees being rejected by the Republican Party hierarchy and forced to run for president as an independent.

“Obviously he’s an outspoken leader and I think that people will attest to that in my tenure in political office, somebody who can get things done,” he said.

Nodine will have to collect approximately 6,000 signatures in the first congressional district to be placed on the ballot. He says he might seek the endorsement of the Libertarian Party.

Nodine, a one-time Mobile City Councilman, was charged with murder, after the shooting death of his mistress Angel Downs in May, 2010. After a mistrial, he eventually pleaded guilty to harassment and perjury and served two years behind bars. He also spent a year in federal prison on a weapons charge.

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