Lack of Faith in Terror Alert System

The Secretary of Homeland Security is promising to roll out a better Terror Alert System for Americans.

Jeh Johnson says the current system is flawed It has never sent out an alert because it requires an imminent threat. The modification will lower the threshold for warning the American public, but, some people on the Gulf Coast don’t have a lot of faith in any alert system.

“I would think the slaughters that’s going on would be enough to alert the public..that we have a real problem and something has to be done about it.  As far as the government letting us know what’s going on.  I know they are trying to do that, but, what can they do?”, said Larry Terry.

King Gee said, “The odds of us getting killed by a terrorist over here in the United States is way out there. It’s a way out there number. So, my opinion and I do have one about this system. I think it’s total B.S. I think it’s a waste of the taxpayer money, a waste of the government time to even dig into it”.

The new system is expected to be announced in the coming days.



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