Charities Unite To Provide Meals For The Homeless

City Church of Mobile teams up with One Meal Mobile to provide meals and other provisions to the homeless on Sunday nights.

For those in need, this makes a huge difference in their life.

Linda Norman says, “It’s one of the best things that could ever happen to any of us because we really depend on these kind of things to happen for us.”

For the homeless, the volunteers provide much more for them than simply just a meal.

Justin Milford says, “Hope…having people come and not just hand them a bag of food and leave but to actually give them the feeling that there is actually someone out there that cares and worries about what happens to them.”

Diane Keith says, “You get treated like you exist.”

Many who are volunteers now didn’t start off that way. They once walked in the shoes of the homeless and, with help from organizations like City Church, they turned their lives around.

Robert Sanderson says, “It has completely changed my life.”

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