Alabama Fans Holding Out For Championship Game

Alabama is the only team returning to the College Football Championship playoff. Last year Alabama didn’t make it out of the first round. A lot of fans are already looking past Michigan State. Crimson Tide fans have no doubt Alabama will go all the way to the championship.

“Faith, it’s just faith that’s all there is, doesn’t matter what I’m proud of what they’ve done thus far in the season,” said fan Peyton Troup in Mobile. This pride does create a bit of a challenge for travel agents. Like last year, Springdale and other travel agencies have two game packages to sell; unfortunately most travelers only want one–the National Championship and nothing else.

“Average people like you and I we couldn’t afford to do both so for the Cotton Bowl we’re doing a land package,” said Springdale Travel Group Sales Manager Debra Smith. A land package means the Dallas trip won’t include any transportation from Mobile to Dallas–they can’t book a plane because they won’t have enough demand. For Arizona, they’ll probably have enough demand for two planes.

That’s only if Alabama wins the first game against Michigan State. If they lose everyone who booked a trip for Glendale gets their money back. Smith estimates the Dallas trip will cost around $539 per person–again that’s without transportation. A trip to the National Championship game could cost nearly $1,900 per person. Neither trip includes tickets to the game.

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