What’s Working: New Store Carries Clothing with a Purpose

A Mobile woman has opened up an unusual clothing boutique. It’s called BellaLine. It’s on Old Shell Road in Springhill. From a distance, it looks like a typical high fashion boutique, but all the clothes are handmade, either in the USA or in Nepal. Owner Courtney Taylor says the American clothing companies she uses, engage in fair trade practices with companies in Nepal. These companies employ women in Nepal, who are living in poverty and are given seamstress jobs. Taylor says, “It’s a means of empowering women to help themselves out of poverty through trade, not aid.”

Taylor says all the clothes are made with organic cotton, which means they are free of pesticides, fertilizers, and toxins. Organic cotton is softer than regular cotton. Taylor says her boutique is about wearing clothes that are fashion-forward, but that have a purpose. “Every purchase can make an impact on communities near and far.”

BellaLine is located at 3607 Old Shell Road, Suite 7. It’s near the I-65 Service Road across from Bebo’s Market.

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