MPD Chief Talks Terror Attacks

News 5 spoke to Mobile Police Chief James Barber about this week’s terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California.

Barber says active shooter preparation is now a large part of officer training, in which officers are trained to quickly engage an active shooter.

“The active shooter training that all departments have gone through over the past decade and certainly since columbine is pretty consistent as far as our training and a lot of people were asking why the militarization of the police and I think you are seeing now why because we are facing threats today that we have never faced before,” said Chief Barber. “When you and I were growing up we practiced fire drills in school today we have to practice active shooter drills.”

However, he says attacks like what happened in California are an increasing threat and difficult to prepare for.

“The one that is most difficult to prevent is that lone wolf attack which is just that independent, individual that subscribes to some kind of radical Islamic view that attacks on their own without any instruction and so there is very little warning or intelligence or information that can be gathered,” said Barber.

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