Alabama Coach Nick Saban: “Negative Energy Created” In College Football

Alabama Football Monday Saban Presser Nov. 23

Alabama Crimson Tide Coach Nick Saban says fans should not expect an automatic win on Saturday against the Florida Gators in Atlanta.
“This is an outstanding team that we’re playing. They wouldn’t be in the SEC Championship Game if they weren’t, and I think anybody out there who thinks this is not going to be a real challenge and a real test for our team is, I don’t know what you’re thinking is.”
Coach Saban does not dismiss the success of his players and coaches calling their trip to the SEC Championship game a “significant accomplishment”.
A reporter asked Saban his thoughts on Georgia Coach Mark Richt stepping down and the rumors swirling in Baton Rouge involving LSU Coach Les Miles.
“From my perspective, when we lose three games, what’s going to happen to me?,” asked Saban.
The successful Crimson Tide coach says he believes the media surrounding college football creates negative energy and sets coaches up a little.
“I do think there is a lot of negative energy out there sometimes, that for whatever reasons, get created as soon as you don’t have success, and I think you all set us up a little bit for that,” Saban continued, “just like talking about, what I hear everybody talking about, this game, and how we’re suppose to win this game, as if Florida doesn’t have a good team…so, if we fail in this game, you can put the hammer on me! It’s a setup. I get it.”
Saban says wins should not outshine the development of players when it comes to being successful in life. “We’re suppose to help them develop a career off the field.”

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