2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season Ends

Atlantic Tropical Tracks for 2015
2015 Atlantic Tropical Tracks

The 2015 Atlantic hurricane season has ended. Hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30, in the Atlantic ocean. That includes the Caribbean, and the Gulf of Mexico. Those 6 months are when tropical depressions, tropical storms, and hurricanes are most likely to form.

This year, 11 named storms formed. 4 of those storms became hurricanes. While the total number is below average, average is just an average of many years so the total number is in the range of typical. The eastern and central Pacific were more active than average.

Two tropical storms directly impacted the United States- Ana

and Bill. See past forecast tracks and bulletins for each storm from the National Hurricane Center.

While the hurricane season has ended, tropical storms have formed or lasted into every month except for February. Technology lets us see things that we may have missed in the past so it wouldn’t be totally unusual to have a tropical depression or tropical storm outside of the calendar season.

T.S. Bill seen from Space Station
Tropical Storm Bill seen from the International Space Station, October 2015


Summary Table From the National Hurricane Center…

Highest Status, Storm Name, Dates, Peak Wind in mph

TS Ana 8-11 May 60
TS Bill 16-18 Jun 60
TS Claudette 13-14 Jul 50
MH Danny 18-24 Aug 115
TS Erika 25-29 Aug 50
H Fred 30 Aug-6 Sep 85
TS Grace 5-9 Sep 60
TS Henri 8-11 Sep 50
TD Nine 16-19 Sep 35
TS Ida 18-27 Sep 50
MH Joaquin 28 Sep-7 Oct 155
H Kate 9-12 Nov 75

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