Should you buy a “Hoverboard”?

So should you get one of these things?  Fast Company says no way.  Do they look cool or not?  Are they the next hip thing or the next dorky segue?  You decide.  Where did they come from?  As NPR’s Planet Money reports in their latest podcast, no one really knows.

We also talked about the changing face of Black Friday.  With so many stores opening on Thanksgiving, the early Friday morning rush is fading.  I went to Field and Stream Friday morning.  It was calm and orderly.  They had a line–and were one of the few stores around town opening at 5 AM.  Like a lot of places, Field and Stream opened Thanksgiving night so the frenzied buying happened on the holiday.  To put this in perspective, a manager was giving out 250 gift cards at the front door.   Two hours after opening he still had 50 his sack to give away.

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