Prichard PD: Quick Action Saved Baby’s Life From Burning House

A family is mourning the loss of a loved one while praying that another will recover following a house fire that happened in Prichard Sunday afternoon.

Video from a witness on the scene caught how intense the fire was, flames shooting out of the home. Prichard Fire tells us two grandparents and their two grandchildren were inside when the fire started. At this point they believe either one of the relatives or possibly a close neighbor found the baby girl inside and brought her to the church next door. But a second child, a three-year-old girl did not make it out.

Because the Prichard Fire Department had multiple calls around 1:30 pm Sunday, Fire Chief David Hale was the one who responded to the house fire on Janie Avenue. And he was the first to find the baby near the church next door. By then emergency medical crews still had not arrived. Prichard Police officers pulled up shortly afterwards and decided, they could not wait any longer.

“As soon as we got on the scene we noticed a lot of screaming and crying and immediately Chief Hale from the fire department running over to our location, and he had a baby in his arms,” said Dwayne Heathcock, a Reserve Prichard Police Officer, who described what he saw.

“He jumped in my car, and we took the child as quickly as we could down to the USA Children’s and Women’s,” said Russell Watson, Prichard Police Officer, who helped drive the baby to the hospital with Chief Hale.

The baby is still recovering. Officers said the baby suffered from smoke inhalation and had 1st and 2nd-degree burns.

2nd shift Prichard Fire Chief Frederick Chambers also told us, at the time of the initial call there were two other fire calls. One of them turned out to be false. We asked if one of the calls was possibly a prank call, but he reiterated that it was just a false call, and he cautions people against making them.

A GoFundMe page has been set up by a family member of the victims. Click here to visit their page.

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