Ludgood Wants Changes to Highway 45

A Mobile County Commissioner says something has to be done to make Highway-45 safer.

The highway is fast becoming one of the most dangerous roads around. More than a half dozen fatal accidents have happened this year on Highway-45 in north Mobile County, on what’s primarily a two-lane road from Eight Mile to the Mississippi state line.

“A lot of people get impatient on this road,” said Rex Bradley, a resident of the Gulfcrest community who drives on the Highway all the time. “You have a lot of people from out of town and out of state that travel it and they get impatient. And when you get impatient you take chances you ought not to and a lot of the accidents that happen because of that.”

County Commissioner Merceria Ludgood says she goes out of her way to avoid driving on 45 – especially at night.

“This visibility is not good,” she said. “There’s not a lot of shoulder room to pull off. Sometimes people pass in places they shouldn’t be passing. And people speed.”

There is a lot of resurfacing work going on right now on Highway-45, but County Engineer Joe Ruffer says any state widening of the road is a decade away.

So in the meantime, Ludgood is asking ALDOT to look at lowering the speed limit from 55 miles per hour, and will ask the Sheriff’s Office to step up patrols.

“More cops would (help),” says Grant Clark who lives in Chunchula. “Because you rarely ever see cops on this road.”

Clark says drivers going too slow on Highway-45 are as dangerous as those going too fast.

“You come over one of those hills and you can’t see nothing and somebody’s going 45 miles an hour  and it causes a bunch of trouble.”

Trouble that Ludgood says has to be addressed

“I’m not a traffic engineer,” she said . “I don’t know what the options are. But I certainly want to ask ALDOT to take a look at it.”

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