‘Goodnight Mobile’ Book Already a Best-Seller

A new children’s book to hit store shelves is a must have for those with Mobile roots. It’s called ‘Goodnight Mobile,’ and it was written by 6th Generation Mobilian, Abby Grodnick Kennedy. Kennedy says ‘Goodnight Mobile’ is a children’s book, but it appeals to people of all ages. In the book, the reader says goodnight to 24 different notable sites in Mobile, like the Battleship USS Alabama, Old Dutch Ice Cream, and the Exploreum.  It is illustrated by Eden Walker Flora.

News 5 was there as Kennedy read her book to a preschool class at UMS-Wright. The students enjoyed saying goodnight to some of their favorite spots in Mobile. Kennedy says, it’s been an overwhelming experience, now that the book has come out. “It’s been great to contribute to a city I love so much.”

‘Goodnight Mobile’ is for sale at ten stores in Mobile including Big City Toys. Owner Melanie Clark says customers “love it.” She adds, “They like to see something local that is being produced locally and has so many local facets.  To see that in print is magical.” Clark has already had to place three re-orders of the book. Each book includes Kennedy’s autograph.

‘Goodnight Mobile’  is a colorful, whimsical tribute to the Port City. To find out where you can purchase a copy, visit the book’s website.

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