Mobilian at Heart of Carson Campaign

One of the key players in the Ben Carson campaign is a businessman from Mobile.

Dean Parker met Carson three years ago and forged a firm friendship. So much so, that Carson asked him earlier this year to be his national finance chairman.

“He looked at me and said ‘would you join me,” Parker recalled. “And I said ‘you can find somebody of more prestige, more money’, but he said, ‘No I want you. I’ve never been President and you’ve never done this, so let’s do this together.’  So, here we are today.”

Parker says he has no doubt Carson is the right man to lead the country.

“This is a man I would take a bullet for,” Parker said. “This is a man with high integrity, high character, and he wants the best.”

Parker sold his Callis Communications company to C-Spire last year. He’s now on the road full time for Carson as a senior advisor and national finance chairman.

“We were in seven states just last Thursday and had five different fundraisers on Friday,” Parker said.

“We are now leading the Republican Party of any of the candidates among fundraising. Just today we crossed a million donations and 50 million-dollars raised, which is spectacular given Carson had no political experience and no donor base when we started back on May 4th.”

Parker says he’s enjoying his work and hopes it leads Carson, and possibly him, to Washington next fall.


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