From Boat to Restaurant, Good News for Gulf Seafood

Gulf Shores, AL
Two methods with one goal, to catch a fish.

Head into your favorite seafood place and conversations are all about how much and what you want.

“The seafood on the gulf coast, as far as I know, is as good as it’s ever been,” says the owner of Billy’s Seafood, Billy Parks.

The BP oil spill doesn’t come up much anymore, “just don’t get a question like that.”

Scientists have poked and prodded, sampled and dissected all kinds of marine life looking for any public health concerns. “There is a lot of scientific evidence that shows the seafood is safe to eat,” says John Guarisco with the Alabama Department of Public Health.

From the boat to the restaurant the answer is the same. It’s the question that now has begun to change, according to chef Chris Sherrill. “A big question that we get is what all do you have, what can you get, what is next coming from the gulf, cause we can’t wait to see what it is.”

Most folks may see food differently since the oil spill, but second guessing whether the shrimp or the gumbo will make you sick seems to be a thing of the past. “As a chef,” says Sherrill, “we certainly want to protect our customers, our families. I serve my family, my friends, fresh gulf seafood.”

Scientists from across the country but, especially from around the gulf coast, will continue to test and monitor all aspects of marine life and recovery from the 2010 disaster through a 10 year, half a billion dollar grant funded by BP.

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