Call For Rape Charge To Be Dismissed

Cameron Harrison
Cameron Harrison is no longer a student at Spanish Fort High School.

The attorney for a Spanish Fort High School football player accused of rape has filed a motion in court calling for the district attorney to throw out the charge.

John Beck claims the alleged victim not only consented to have sex with Cameron Harrison, she pursued him.
A six-page motion filed by the defense paints a very different picture of what happened between Cameron Harrison and a girl at this home in Daphne, calling it “A consensual sexual encounter between a sixteen-year-old high school junior and an eighteen-year-old high school senior”.

The prosecution has said Harrison attacked the girl who was passed out from drinking alcohol at a house party and cell phone video showed the girl being carried away unconscious.
But, in a court document, Attorney Beck claims statements of 20 males and females contradict that stating, “She was laughing and was fully conscious”.

Later, multiple witnesses reported seeing Harrison and the accuser in a bedroom, “Conscious, active, and willing participants with each other.”

Afterward, defense witnesses claim they saw her go back downstairs under her own power, socializing, and “Carrying a pink Yeti cooler by herself and climbing into the back bed of a pickup truck”.

The motion states the accuser admitted to several witnesses Harrison did not rape her, but, “authority figures” pressured her into pursuing charges.

Beck has subpoenaed at least 22 students who attended the party, and the alleged victim.

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