Teen Drinking A “Crisis”

Drug Education Council Press Conference
Local leaders held a news conference in Robertsdale Wednesday to talk about the dangers of underage drinking.

ROBERTSDALE, AL – At a Drug Education Council press conference in Robertsdale, the message from local leaders was clear: it’s time for parents to be parents again.

Police, educators, a judge and drug addiction counselors called the press conference as a disturbing investigation involving the alleged rape of an unconscious 16-year old at an open house party unfolds.

“Stay up in your children’s business and don’t be afraid to tell them no,” says Family Court Judge Carmen Bosch.

“You might think you’re the cool parent if you allow your children to have a party or to drink in your presence or to drink in your home with other young people, but it’s really not that cool to be sitting in a courtroom or at a funeral home.”

Cathy Roberts was arrested on an open house party charge after police say she threw a party at her house for her grandson’s birthday and allowed dozens of kids to drink.

Investigators say a 16-year old who was drinking at the party passed out and was sexually assaulted.

Former Spanish Fort High football player Cameron Harrison was charged with first degree rape.

Sheriff Hoss Mack says there’s preliminary discussion between a few sheriffs and state lawmakers to upgrade an open house party charge from a misdemeanor to a felony.

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