Mobile’s Ice Rink CLOSED Due to Imminent Severe Weather

The City of Mobile has announced the temporary closure of the new ice rink in Riverside Park due to the severe storms expected to hit southern Alabama on Wednesday morning.

As News 5’s meteorologists have been forecasting for days, a line of severe weather that could produce hail, flash floods, damaging straight-line winds or even a possible tornado is heading for the Gulf Coast.

In light of these forecasts, rink operators say they had no choice but to shut down the rink until the storm passes.  The earliest the rink could reopen is Wednesday evening, News 5 is told.

Officials also tell News 5 it is currently unclear how the threat of future severe storms will impact ice rink operations.

“You can’t expect weather in Mobile, so we knew that things were going to happen and so you kind of have to roll with the punches and it is not a big deal at all to us we know that it will reopen in a day or two and we will be happy to welcome people back out on the ice,” said Laura Byrne of the Mayor’s Office.

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