Illegal Immigrants Attack And Bite Summerdale Cop

Illegal Aliens Arrested
Summerdale Police say these undocumented men attacked two officers.

SUMMERDALE, AL- 10-48: officer needs assistance.

It’s an emergency radio call no officer wants to hear.

Summerdale police Corporal Vince Miller was forced to call for emergency back-up when he and his partner were overpowered and attacked by three men on a traffic stop.

The driver was the one who initially resisted when he was arrested for DUI, but Cpl. Miller says the situation took a potentially deadly turn when the driver’s two buddies got out of the car.

Miller took two or three good licks and was bitten by one of the men. You can see bite marks on Miller’s arm.

The suspects are all illegal immigrants from either Mexico or Central America.

The men have been charged with multiple crimes including assault, eluding, resisting arrest, DUI, public intoxication, obstruction and refusing to aid an officer.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents have been notified.

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