Almost Two-Thirds of Alabamians Fear Terror Act in State

A News-5/Strategy poll shows that majority of Alabamians – 63% fear a terrorist attack happening in Alabama.

Fear, however, is a relative word.

“Just because you worry about it, does that mean it’s going to change your behavior,” said pollster Jon Gray, of Strategy Research.

But the poll also asked if people have altered plans or changed their behavior due to their fear of terrorism. 32-percent say they have.

Gray says that means 3 of 10 Alabamians believe terrorism is a credible threat to them, at home, in the state.

If that’s the case in Alabama, what does that say about the terrorists and what they’ve been able to accomplish?

“You could certainly argue they’ve won,” said Gray. “There’s no question that you could argue that if the definition of a terrorist is to create fear that they have in fact created fear.”

But, Gray adds, the timing of the poll is important.

“You have to remember, these things tend to crop up with news issues,” he said. “Had we asked this question three weeks ago, would we have found even 40-percent that were worried about terrorism happening? I don’t think so.”\

More than 3,000 people statewide responded to the telephone poll. It has a margin of error of three-percent.

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