Body Found in Lillian Identified

Body discovered in Lillian.
A body found in a car near County Rd. 91 and Jessup Lane has neighbors on alert.

A quiet neighborhood in Baldwin County is rocked by violence after a man is found shot to death inside an abandoned rental car.

A picturesque road in rural Baldwin County where neighbors make a gruesome discovery on their way home from church. “When they came back from church, around 11:30, they got closer and they saw blood in the car and saw there was a young, black male in the backseat dead,” says Sandra Dodd.

22-year-old Devin Kennedy had been shot to death. While investigators were combing over the crime scene, his mother was reporting him missing in Pensacola.

“This guy is fairly well known in his community,” says Major Anthony Lowery with the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office. “We certainly believe there are several people that know exactly what happened, where it happened and when it happened.”

“It puts us on high alert,” says Dodd. She lives one street over from the crime scene and worries her quiet neighborhood will never be the same. “We know it’s out there but the thought of having someone come out here and kill someone for drugs or bringing them out here to dump them. It took a lot of thought where to take them and maybe they knew where the street was maybe they cased the area a little bit.”

Kennedy had been arrested in Escambia County, Florida on drug and property crimes and that’s where investigators are concentrating their efforts. So far, there doesn’t seem to be a Baldwin County connection to the murder.

“Most of us have guns but a couple neighbors don’t. But they went out to get guns now,” says Dodd. A crime this close to home can change a neighborhood.

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