Trying to Legitimize Cycling In Mobile

A non-profit group in mobile is trying to get more people on two wheels. Members of the Delta Bike Project have worked for years to legitimize cycling in Mobile. Lee Hess is scrubbing his way to earning a new bike.

“I need a bike because where I’m staying is a long distance from all the stores and everything,” said Hess. He’s volunteering through the Delta Bike Project’s Time is Money program. Homeless or impoverished men and women can earn a used bike if they put in enough time and effort.

“That’s sort of a model works well in mobile, people have more pride in earning a bike they won’t sell it right away they put time and effort into it,” said the Executive Director of the Delta Bike Project Jeff DeQuattro. They’ve been raising money for fix it stations. They come with a bike pump and small tools for minor repairs—this is one of four stations with plans for four more.

“We want to legitimize cycling in mobile it’s flat you can ride year round in Mobile, there’s no reason people shouldn’t be on bikes year round,” said DeQuattro. They’ve been pushing to increase cyclist safety reminding drivers they have to give cyclists three feet of room on the road.

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