Family Wants Tougher Sentence for Hit-and-Run Suspect

A man will be sentenced Tuesday morning for a hit-and-run accident that killed a man in Prichard last year.

David Wesley Thornton was the driver of a pick-up truck that hit Thomas Hutt in July 2014. Witness says Thornton kept going after the accident.

Hutt was taken to the hospital but died 11 days later.

Thornton entered a blind guilty plea for a leaving the scene of an accident charge. It carries a penalty of 1-to-10 years.

Family members of the victim were hoping for a stiffer charge.

“I think he should be charged for murder and I think he should go to jail for a good time and I think he should have to know for the rest of his life that he killed an innocent man,” said Sherry Hutt. “I think he should pay for what he did and to feel what I felt.”

The District Attorney says manslaughter charges were possible in the case, but it wasn’t on the indictment.

“This case was presented to a mobile county grand jury and they declined to indict for any additional charges,” said Ashley Rich.

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