Another Congressional Run for Dean Young

Dean Young
Dena Young will make another run, against Bradley Byrne, for Congress.

“Get ready, there’s going to be a battle in South Alabama.”

Conservative businessman Dean Young is back on the campaign trail running for a seat in congress he lost to Bradley Byrne. “I’ve been waiting for two years and I’ve let Bradley reveal who he really is and so now I’ve got him one on one and this is what I wanted.”

Two years ago Young emerged from a huge field of candidates to force Byrne into a runoff but came up short. This time, he says will be different. “Bradley Byrne is the establishment candidate. He’s going to run from that, but he can’t hide. He’s going to run from his votes, but he can’t hide this time. He can’t trick the people of South Alabama again.”


Byrne sees the challenge as an opportunity. “To talk to the people of this district about all the work we’ve been doing. To try to make sure we take care of the people of this district. Bring more jobs to this district and also the work we’ve been doing to further the conservative agenda in Washington.”

Young calls it a cage match and gloves are coming off. “Now I’ve got Bradley Byrne where I want him and the people are going to have a very clear choice.”

Alabama’s primary elections are scheduled for Tuesday, March 1st.

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