Pain Doctors Hit With New Charges

The two Mobile doctors arrested following a federal pill mill crack down will be back in court Wednesday to face 17 new charges.
Dr. Xiulu Ruan and Dr. Patrick Couch were initially charged with distributing a controlled substance and healthcare fraud following the raid. New details from court documents show the doctors distributed 277,000 prescriptions between 2011 until earlier this year.

The new charges include counts of racketeering, money laundering, and conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud. Dr. Ruan’s attorney says the evidence will show that his client was one of the top pain specialists in the state, and that he is innocent.

“The issue in the case is, have you prescribed medications for some purpose that is outside of medical necessity? If not, there is no crime. If you go to a doctor and you have an illness and the doctor prescribes medication that treat [it] that is within the bounds of medical necessity. –Which in every case is going to be the case with Xiulu Ruan, than there is no crime,” said Dennis Knizley, Ruan’s Attorney.

Their hearing is scheduled for 2pm Wednesday at the Mobile Federal Courthouse.

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